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Saadi describe government as "Failed"


Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Sabah al-Saadi, criticized the government by describing it as "Failure" calling the political leaders to return to the deals that formed the goverbment in order to settle disputes.

Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) , he stated "The government proved to be failure by its performance where it did not set correct plans and this show its lack of efficiency."

He called the political leaders to "Return to the deals that formed the government to settle disputes; otherwise the elections will be the perfect solution to settle them."

"The government failure resulted in the corruption in all the governmental institutions, especially in the Ministry of Electricity where its first official is the Deputy Premier for the Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shihristani," he concluded.

The political process witnesses complicated disputes between the Iraqiya Slate and the State of Law Coalition when the government accused the Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi for being involved in terrorism. /End/

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