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Shara warns from public reaction on targeting religious authorities





Baghdad (AIN) –MP Furat al-Shara of the Citizen Bloc warned from the continuous and guided targeting of the religious authorities in Najaf which is supported by “foreign agendas that have bad schemes in Iraq.”

He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) on Friday “Continuing the attacks on the offices of the religious authorities in Najaf will arouse anger feeling of the targeted authorities and general public opinion since the targets represent the shield of the society and the first light of the Human Society,” noting that “The religious authorities have supporters inside Iraq and supporters in the Arab and Islamic worlds.”

MP Shara demanded the security departments and the State to “confront this scheme and foil the conspiracy against the country.”

Najaf Province has witnessed repeated attacks that targeted the offices of the religious authorities by using hand-grenades and sound bombs. /End/

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