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Beldawi urges to avoid repeated amendments of law drafts




Baghdad (AIN) -Member of the Economic Committee in the former Parliament Amera al-Beldawi said that "The lawmaking mechanism has to be reconsidered to avoid er-amending the law drafts several times before endorsing them.

Beldawi, in a statement received by (AIN), added "The economic laws have an active impact on the State's strategies and budgets therefore their endorsing must take into account the State policies and orientations."

She referred "There are a group of measure that should be assumed before submitting any law draft to the parliament, among them the clarity of the law objectives and consulting experts in order to prepare studies and show the risks and how to avoid them, as well as reveiwing the public opinion and distributing questionairs about these law drafts."

Beldawi clarified "All this requires actual cooperation and partnership among the State's departments and institutions as well as the civil society organizations." /End/

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