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Kurds have concerns over IA ideology, says Kurdish MP



Baghdad (AIN) –MP Shiwan Mohammed Taha of the Kurdistani Alliance pointed out that “We do not have concerns over arming the Iraqi Army with modern weapons but we have at the same time concerns over the ideology and affiliation of the IA.”


MP Taha stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) Wednesday “The ideology of the IA is connected by the decision makers and everybody knows that the decision making process is monopolized by certain sides which creates concerns from using the Iraqi weapons against the People.”


He added “The security departments are run by a single side in Iraq,” noting that “We do not have remarks over the decisions of the Commanding General of the Iraqi Armed Forces but he should involve others in making the military and security decisions.”


“Monopolizing the security and military decision is the main reason behind the deterioration of the Iraqi internal security situation,” MP Taha concluded. /End/  

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