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White bloc describes partnership with Iran as "urgent need"




Baghdad (AIN) -The White Bloc assured that "The Iraqis realize well that the partnership with Iran is an urgent need in future."

The Secretary General of the Bloc Jamal al-Bateikh, said to (AIN) "We do not have objection to the partnership principle with Iran if it comes within the banlance between both countries," noting that "Iraq is looking forward to new relations with all world countries and it does not coordinate with certain State against another, but works according to Iraq's interests."

He added "Forming of security, cultural, athletic, and economic committees between Iraq and Iran is a good step," stressing "The necessity of settling all the pending issues with Iran before starting any partnership."

The Iranian Vice- President Mohamed Redha Rahimi, during the last visit of the Premier al-Maliki to Tehran, called for uniting the two counties into a complete union to form a strong force in the world.

Rahimi stated that "Our relation with Iraq is very close and strong," clarifying that "There are conspiracies against Iran and Iraq due to their beliefs and aims."

He called for "speeding up implementation of the earlier concluded agreements between both countries." /End/

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