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Taghyeer MP expects political map to remain idle




Baghdad (AIN) -MP Lateef Mustafa of the Taghyeer bloc anticipated that "The political map will remain as it is during the current electoral round as long as the Iraqi National Alliance adheres to the Premier Nuri al-Maliki."

He said in a statement to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), on Wednesday "The invitations from some political blocs especially the Kurdistani Alliance and the Iraqiya Slate to withdraw confidence from Maliki, will remain inactive unless the Ahrar bloc declares its approval about this withdrawal."

Mustafa referred that "In case some blocs in the Iraqi National Alliance uphold the withdrawal and join the IS and KA, this will change the map of the political alliances."

Ayad Alawi, the head of IS, has revealed in a statements that "We have new and old Alliances with the Kurdish Alliance , Sadr Trend and the Communist party to prevent Maliki from monopolizing the authority," stressing that "Maliki has only three choices; implementing Erbil Agreement, conduct early elections, or step down his post."

He noted "IS does not intend to be opponent party." /End/


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