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Ahrar bloc launches fierce attack against demonstrations


Baghdad (AIN) –Ahrar bloc within Sadr Trend launched fierce attack against the demonstrations that instigate sectarianism and aims at toppling the constitution and the political process.

A statement by the bloc received by AIN quoted its head, Baha al-Araji, as saying while receiving the representative of the UNSG in Baghdad, Mohamed al-Najar, “The demonstrations do not concern only one community or political side and the Sadr Trend was the first to support them.”

“The recent demonstrations started to have sectarian statements that urge for toppling the constitution and the political process,” the statement added.

“Araji stressed the necessity of balance among the Iraqis,” he mentioned, emphasizing that “The Ministerial Committee adopts double dealing by bringing back many Baathists and Saddamists to their jobs and granting retirement salaries to 42000 persons.”

“The Committee must deal with all Iraqis equally,” he concluded. /End/

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