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MP Maliki: SLC, Maliki become stronger after exposing others' falsehood

Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, of the State of Law Coalition said that "SLC and the premier Nouri al-Maliki became stronger than before after exposing the falsehood of the others' claims."

Maliki clarified "There are some parties who try to exploit the current escalated political crisis to put forth that Maliki adopts monopolization in ruling the State and that he does not treat the other partners fairly," noting that "All these attempts began to fade away after the SLC reasserts its unity and harmony and approved the falsehood of these claims."

He added "SLC is the keenest to apply the Constitution and to achieve the national partnership, this is obvious through its insistence on holding the national meeting."

"The policy of some sides which goes to implement suspicious foreign agendas became sterile and overt, it fostered the will power of SLC and the PM Maliki instead of weakening it," MP Maliki concluded/End/

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