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Talabani receives Credentials of Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese Ambassadors

Baghdad (AIN) –The President, Jalal Talabani, received the Credentials of "The new Indonesian, Portuguese and Russian Ambassadors with the attendance of the Secretariat of the Presidential Office, Naseer al-Ani, and the Deputy Foreign Affair Minister, Labeed Abbawi, on Monday morning.

A Presidential statement received by AIN cited "During the ceremony of receiving the Indonesian Ambassador's Credentials, Talabani welcomed the new Ambassador and assured Iraq's desire to upgrade its relations with Indonesia in all fields."

"Talabani confirmed the deep relations between Iraq and Russia while receiving the Credentials of the Russian Ambassador," the statement added, stressing "The importance of consolidating these relations."

"Talabani assured his support for the Russian Ambassador to achieve success for his mission in Iraq," the statement continued.

"Talabani emphasized the significance of developing bilateral relations with the Portugal during the ceremony of receiving the Credentials of the Portuguese Ambassador," the statement concluded. /End/

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